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Discover some of the best wineries in the Texas Hill Country

Updated: Mar 3

Wine tasting in the Texas Hill Country

Move over Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley. There's a new contender in the wine world, and it's not where you might expect. The 2023 USA Today 10Best Readers' Choice Awards recently crowned the Texas Hill Country as the No. 10 wine region in the country, surpassing the heavily hyped California destinations. In a surprising twist, neither Napa Valley nor Sonoma Valley secured a spot in the prestigious top 10. A collaboration between industry experts and 10 Best editors led to the initial nominees, with online voters determining the final winners.

Sign showing Wimberley, TX

A hidden gem in the Texas Wine Region

Wimberley, Texas, maybe a small town, but when it comes to wineries, it's a heavyweight contender, offering an array of delightful vineyards that promise a sip-worthy adventure. Forget about choosing just one – let's dive into why Wimberley's wineries are a must-visit, each with unique flair and a generous pour of fun!

Discover some of the best wineries in the Texas Hill Country

Wimberley Valley Winery: A Taste of Texas Charm Start your winery tour at Wimberley Valley Winery, just a 13-minute drive from Hotel Flora and Fauna. The charming stone structure sets the scene for an unforgettable experience. Dive into their tasting menu – $20 gets you five wines. But here's where the fun kicks in – take a seat on their outdoor couches, bask in the fresh air, soak in the views of majestic trees, and maybe even catch a glimpse of wandering ponies. Don't forget to check out the double-decker bus turned into a small bar for a quirky touch that makes the winetasting journey all the more enjoyable and memorable.

Driftwood Estate Winery: Sip, Savor, and Saloon Vibes A short 16-minute drive from the Lazy Lavender, Driftwood Estate Winery awaits with a western-style charm reminiscent of an authentic saloon. For $15, dive into the tasting room and sample six wines, including notable blends like the award-winning 2016 Longhorn Red and the tropical 2017 Orange. But it's not just about the wine here; it's about the ambiance. Picture yourself surrounded by rolling green vineyards from their hilltop location – a perfect way to savor wine and the great outdoors.

Duchman Family Winery: This European-style gem offers exquisite wines and an upscale elegance. Enjoy the beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows that gaze upon a 20-acre vineyard, a charming garden, and a lovely fountain. This winery goes above and beyond by providing a culinary adventure at its sister company, Trattoria Lisina, where you can dine on delightful upscale cuisine paired perfectly with its fantastic wines. An experience that's sure to linger on your taste buds and in your memory.

Fall Creek Vineyards: A true vintage gem serving the Texas Hill Country since 1975. Wander through vibrant flowers, follow the path to a gated archway, and discover a large structure tucked away amidst the trees. Seating areas by a stone fireplace, a screened-in deck with white-tablecloth-draped tables overlooking the garden, and more await. Award-winning wines like the 2015 Chardonnay Certenberg Vineyards and the 2016 Mourvédre Ex Terra make the tasting journey delightful.

Spicewood Vineyards: This standout winery in the Texas Hill Country is known for its exceptional wines, captivating the palate with a portfolio that reflects the region's unique terroir. The vineyard offers a picturesque backdrop for wine enthusiasts. The tasting room experience is elevated by knowledgeable staff, who provide insights into each variety, creating an engaging atmosphere. The winery's accolades, warm hospitality, and informative vineyard tours contribute to its well-deserved reputation as an excellent destination for wine connoisseurs and casual visitors seeking a memorable wine-tasting experience in the heart of Texas.

Salt Lick Cellars: Laid-Back Vibes and Pizza Thursdays cap off your winery adventure with a laid-back outing at Salt Lick Cellars, conveniently located next to the famous Salt Lick BBQ. Picture yourself on the wraparound porch, overlooking the vineyard, or head to the wooden deck under the shade of Live Oak trees. What's even more exciting? Join in for Pizza Thursday every week from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. because there's no pairing like Pizza and wine! Cheers to an unforgettable day of sipping, savoring, and creating lasting memories in the heart of Wimberley's wine country!

Don't want to drive yourself? Texas Tipsy Tours will pick you up from The Lazy Lavender

Wimberley is a great place to begin your Texas Hill Country winery, brewery, or distillery tour. Texas Tipsy Tours offers many choices between set tours or contact their team to plan a custom tour. 

As we raise a glass to the Hill Country's well-deserved recognition, Wimberley emerges as a must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts seeking a distinctive experience. The blend of scenic landscapes, diverse wine offerings, and the warmth of Texan hospitality sets the stage for an unforgettable journey through this hidden gem in the winemaking world. For the ultimate immersion in the charm of Wimberley's wine country, consider making The Lazy Lavender your home base. With its unique vacation homes, this enchanting accommodation offers a cozy retreat and convenient access to the region's top wineries.

Cheers to uncorking the secrets of Wimberley's top wineries!

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