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Best solo trip accommodations for women

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Best solo trip accommodations

Embarking on a solo getaway is not just a vacation—it's an opportunity to recharge your spirit and indulge in the freedom to do what you want when you want it. Without compromising or accommodating others, you can set your own pace, explore new destinations at your leisure, and fully immerse yourself in the experience. While planning that trip, choosing safe accommodations is essential. At the Lazy Lavender, we are committed to ensuring you are experiencing the best solo trip for women, keeping your safety and comfort in mind. 

The Lock

Our cabins are meticulously secured with a lock code instead of a key. This lock code is exclusively provided to you and is changed for every guest, ensuring you and your belongings are kept safe and secure inside your cabin at all times. We prioritize your safety and want you to feel at ease during your stay.

Access to the outside world

While you might want to unplug and put the phone away, you might also want to write that book you have never had time to write. At The Lazy Lavender, we provide Spectrum Business Internet, so you are always connected when needed.

Our Team

Our team is not just a team, but a support system that is here to assist you during your trip. If you run into any problems or have any questions, we're here to help. Each cabin has a tablet with a chat function and multiple team members monitor the chats. If hands-on help is required, our property manager is close by and can be phoned for immediate assistance. We want you to feel reassured and cared for during your stay at The Lazy Lavender. 

The Activities

Wimberley has a lot to offer those who love to explore. We have compiled a list of our top picks, ranging from a peaceful nature hike to a thrilling zipline ride or even a horseback ride to explore the stunning Hill Country. Check out our complete Wimberley guides at


Looking for a cozy Treehouse, a vibrant Pink house, or an Artsy cabin to enhance your solo trip experience? We have a variety of accommodations for you to choose from. Whether you want to book a massage in your private cabin or take a relaxing bubble bath outdoors, we aim to cater to your needs and make your stay at The Lazy Lavender an exciting and memorable one.

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